Virtual Tours

View2buy’s secret weapon! Our virtual tours are fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. A must have for any property sale!

The use of a virtual tour greatly expands your market of potential buyers, by creating an open home 24/7, viewable from anywhere around the world.

Often people are too busy, have prior commitments, or simply live out of state, and cannot get to an open for inspection. We remove those restrictions by allowing potential buyers to view the property at a time that is convenient to them, at their own pace.

Check out some examples to see how impressive our tours really are!

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  • twilight-exterior
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Stills Photography

Along with creating the virtual tour, we realise agents need regular images for printed material. We capture high quality still images and generally offset them to where we take the virtual tour points. This allows the agent to have more variety in what is captured of the property.

We can also make a return visit to the property to capture twilight images for greater impact, and we can also capture images from an elevated position.

Have a look through the slideshow for some examples of what we do.

Floor Plans

One of the most effective property marketing tools sought after by buyers, is a floor plan of your home.

A floor plan allows prospective buyers a chance to gauge the layout and flow of the property, and can serve as a great way to allow buyers to visualise how well the space would work for them.

Floor plans are great for out-of-town buyers or investors, or for those who are unable to attend an inspection.

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  • aerial-image
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Elevated Photography

An increasingly popular choice in the marketing arsenal is elevated images.

By using images taken from above, you can portray land size, proximity to local attractions or beaches, or just for a unique way to capture a buyers attention.

Have a look through the slide show at some of our examples.